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Renting an E-Chopper or E-FatBike is very simple via the reservation form below. Fill in your contact details, specify the number of E-Choppers and E-FatBikes, choose your date and time slot (3 or 6 hours) and pay.

Do you have a question, would you like a customised arrangement or would you like to set off today?
Please, contact us via info@e-chopperadventures.nl, or call +31 (0)182 – 232 037.

Please note:
To drive an E-Chopper you are required to have a valid driving licence or moped certificate.
For the E-Fatbike a minimum age of 14 is applicable and no driving licence is required.
We offer 2 special E-Choppers, where it is allowed to ride with a child on the back. On the other vehicles it is not allowed to ride with more than 1 person because of the legal product registration.

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